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We welcome you to the National Bible College and Seminary Library website.  You have just entered the electronic gateway provided for our user community to access the rich theological resources and services of our library research center.  The library is integral to the seminary’s mission to serve the research and reference needs of the students, faculty, and staff of our college community as well as the larger academic and pastoral community.  To fulfill this task, the library strives to build and maintain a collection, which supports the curricular, and research needs of its clientele.  We encourage students and our entire user family to make full use of our print and electronic resources during their tenure as seminary students or seekers of higher knowledge.

To find out more about the library, its resources and its services, follow the links from this page, or contact us through the “Ask the Librarian” link on this page, or contact the library at 301-567-9500 Ext.7503 during open hours.

Denise Williams, Librarian
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