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A†††††††† Autobiographies

B†††††††† Biographies

C†††††††† Children

F††††††††† Fiction

J††††††††† Juvenile

R†††††††† References

H/M††† Health/Medicine






Specialty Bibles

Old Testament (only)

New Testament (only)

Bible Dictionaries (General)

Spanish Bible Dictionary

Vines Complete Expository Dictionary

Bible Encyclopedias (General)

††††††††† Encyclopedia of Apologetics (Baker)

††††††††† Encyclopedia of Biblical Characters

††††††††† Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties

††††††††† Encyclopedia of World Religions

††††††††† Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Bible

††††††††† Popular Encyclopedia of Bible Prophecy

Bible Concordances

Bible Commentaries

Bible Atlases

Classic Sermons


††††††††† Kregel Dictionary of the Bible and Theology

††††††††† Systematic Theology

††††††††† New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology







        000†† Computer Science, Information, and General Works

o   005††††††††††† Computer programming, programs, data

o   010††††††††††† Bibliography

o   028††††††††††† Reading, use of other information media

o   040††††††††††† Almanacs (Reference)

o   050††††††††††† General serials & their indexes

o   082††††††††††† General Collections in English


        100†† Philosophy and Psychology

o   101††††††††††† Theory of Philosophy

o   114††††††††††† Space

o   115††††††††††† Time

o   121††††††††††† Epistemology (Theory of Knowledge)

o   128††††††††††† Humankind

o   131††††††††††† Occult methods for achieving well-being

o   150††††††††††† Psychology

o   155††††††††††† Differential & Developmental Psychology

o   158††††††††††† Applied psychology

o   159††††††††††† Psychotherapy

o   160††††††††††† Logic

o   168††††††††††† Argument & persuasion

o   172††††††††††† Political ethics

o   174††††††††††† Economic & professional ethics

o   176††††††††††† Ethics of sex & reproduction


        300†† Social Sciences

o   301††††††††††† Sociology & anthropology

o   304††††††††††† Factors affecting social behavior

o   305††††††††††† Social groups

o   306††††††††††† Culture and Institutions

o   320††††††††††† Political science

o   332††††††††††† Financial economics

o   340††††††††††† Law

o   356††††††††††† Foot forces & warfare

o   363††††††††††† Other social problems & services

o   364††††††††††† Criminology

o   366††††††††††† Association

o   371††††††††††† School management; special education

o   373††††††††††† Secondary education

o   374††††††††††† Adult education

o   378††††††††††† Higher education


        400†† Language

o   411††††††††††† Writing systems

o   413††††††††††† Dictionaries

o   414††††††††††† Phonology

o   420††††††††††† English & Old English

o   425††††††††††† English grammar

o   440††††††††††† Romance languages; French

o   461††††††††††† Spanish writing system & phonology

o   487††††††††††† Greek

o   492††††††††††† Hebrew


        500†† Science

o   510††††††††††† Mathematics

o   512††††††††††† Algebra & number theory

o   521††††††††††† Celestial mechanics

o   530††††††††††† Physics

o   540††††††††††† Chemistry & allied sciences

o   551††††††††††† Geology, hydrology, meteorology

o   573††††††††††† Physical anthropology

o   574††††††††††† Biology

o   575††††††††††† Evolution and genetics

o   577††††††††††† General nature of life

o   581††††††††††† Botany


        600†† Technology

o   607††††††††††† Education, research, related topics

o   611††††††††††† Human anatomy, cytology, histology

o   613††††††††††† Promotion of health

o   613.1†††††††† Food and Nutrition

o   613.2†††††††† Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

o   615††††††††††† Pharmacology and therapeutics

o   616††††††††††† Diseases

o   617††††††††††† Surgery and related medical specialties

o   619††††††††††† Experimental medicine

o   640††††††††††† Home economics and family living

o   648††††††††††† Housekeeping

o   649††††††††††† Child rearing and home care of sick

o   652††††††††††† Processes of written communication

o   657††††††††††† Accounting

o   658††††††††††† General management

o   662††††††††††† Explosives, fuels technology


        700†† Arts and Recreation

o   700††††††††††† The Arts

o   792††††††††††† Stage presentations

o   795††††††††††† Games of chance


        800†† Literature and Rhetoric

o   811††††††††††† Poetry

o   817††††††††††† Satire and humor


        900†† History and Geography and Biography

o   902††††††††††† Miscellany

o   909††††††††††† World history

o   910††††††††††† Geography and Travel

o   937††††††††††† Italy and adjacent territories

o   940††††††††††† General history of Europe

o   942††††††††††† England and Wales

o   943††††††††††† Central Europe, Germany

o   947††††††††††† Eastern Europe, Soviet Union

o   952††††††††††† Japan

o   973††††††††††† United States

o   980††††††††††† General history of South America

o   991††††††††††† Afghanistan

o   992††††††††††† South Vietnam





American Medical Association Family Medical Guide




††††††††† Brittanica

††††††††† Encyclopedia Brittanica

††††††††† The New Book of Knowledge

††††††††† Year Book

††††††††† World Book

Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs

Peoples and Places of the Past (National Geographic Society)

Readerís Digest Book of Facts

The Home Book of Quotations

The New American Rogetís College Thesaurus

Van Nostrandís Scientific Encyclopedia

World Almanac (1995 and 1999)