The mission of the National Bible College and Seminary Library is to provide information services and bibliographic resources to support the scholarly and information needs of the college community.  In so doing, the library strives to reflect the degree programs or curriculum, and strives to impact the pedagogic success of the faculty.  
The library endeavors to provide materials that permit its clientele to conduct research for the purpose of writing essays, research papers, dissertations, and special academic research projects.  

The library endeavors to provide materials for the study of topics not actually required by the curriculum but the study of which promotes the intellectual and personal growth of its clientele.

The library is interested in providing materials that will assist in the religious and professional growth and development of its clientele.

The library is interested in serving beyond its immediate academic community, making its resources available to the local community, schools, and other institutions of higher learning, thereby contributing educationally and culturally to the community.
It is the policy of the library to provide all patrons with professional, equitable, and courteous reference assistance.  Reference assistance is available to students, faculty, staff, and the general public upon request.

 National Bible College and Seminary

Library Mission Statement