National Bible College and Seminary

Prospective Faculty
Dear NBS&S Faculty:

Congratulations on your appointment and welcome to National Bible College and Seminary (NBC&S)! Our faculty is what makes the difference in the success of NBC&S.  We appreciate the dedication and commitment to God and NBC&S, your anointing, knowledge, and experiences make for a wonderful learning environment.

This webpage serves as a reference for you to help prepare you your tenure as NBC&S faculty member.  It provides an overview of some academic and administrative policies and procedures that will be of particular interest to you. This webpage will not provide all the answers to your questions, but we encourage you to search our Web site, pick up the phone, or e-mail your department or appropriate academic administrator whenever you have questions, concerns, or ideas. In addition, we strongly encourage you to participate in our faculty meetings, which provide additional information and training.  

We want to continue our success and this will include presenting a well-organized class, effective learning environment where the faculty and student interact, clearly articulating expectations, providing timely and helpful feedback We also know that empathy and respect are two important factors in working with adult learners. We want you to know that we are fully committed to helping you achieve these goals and enjoy a positive teaching experience.

Our prayer is that each faculty member will challenge yourself and your
students to strive for a love for lost souls and an excellence in learning.   Our students must be equipped to fulfill the divine call you their lives.  We welcome your suggestions about how we might enhance this webpage and recommendations for additional resources for faculty. 


Executive Vice President
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  • Faculty applications are accepted year round
  • Faculty interviews will be conducted in May and June of each year
  • Faculty selections will be made in July of each year
  • Faculty orientation will be conducted in August of each year
  • To e-mail your application to the Administrative Assistant,Crystal Fletcher, simply click on Faculty Application and save the document to your computer. After completing the application, simply e-mail the filled out application to: