Master of Divinity
(90 credit hour program)

 National Bible College and Seminary

The Master of Divinity is designed for those students who already have a foundation in biblical studies. Professional ministry vocations, for which the Master of Divinity is primarily designed to equip students, include pastoral ministry, missions, chaplains and others with a biblical and theological basis for church related ministries.  The program also serves as the foundational degree to prepare students for further studies in preparation for vocations in research, teaching, and writing in biblically related fields. Consequently, NBC&S seeks to maintain a healthy balance in the program among the biblical, theological, and practical studies.
First Year

THE501 Old Testament Theology      3      THE502 New Testament Theology         3 
THE512 Old Testament Theology II   3      THE503 Advanced Hermeneutics          3 
THE504 Advanced Apologetics          3     THE509 Christian Theology I                  3
THE515 Biblical Language I (Greek)  3     THE513 Christian Theology II                 3
THE516 Bible Language II (Greek)     3     THE514 Christian Theology III                3
                                                    Total   15                                                           Total   15
Second Year

MDP601 Church Administration        3           MDC606 Mood Disorders                            3
MDP602  Pastor, Church, and Law    3           CED601 Advanced Effective Leadership   3
MDC607 Comparative Therapies       3           CED607 Advanced Christian Education    3 
THE521 Foundation of Pentecostal                 THE600 Systematic Theology I                  3
Theology                                                 3           THE601 Systematic Theology II                 3
CED608  Designing Biblical
 Instruction                                             3 
                                              Total   15                                                               Total   15

Third Year

MDC609 Marital Enrichment              3        CED609 Evaluating Ministry Effectiveness   3
THE522  World Religions                     3        (Appraisal/Assessment Techniques)
MDP604 Church Finances                   3        CED610 Family Life Education                        3
MDP603  TQM for Churches                3         MDP605 Time Management                           3
MDR700 Research/Thesis Proposal   3       MDR710 Main Thesis                                       6 
                                          Total   15                                                               Total   15