Doctor of Ministry 
(30 credit hour program)
 National Bible College and Seminary

The Doctor of Ministry degree is an advanced professional degree designed for the continuing development of those involved in vocational ministry.  Since it is not oriented towards teaching or research in graduate theological studies, the Doctor of Ministry degree is distinct from the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) or the Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) degrees.  The Doctor of Ministry program is designed to enhance professional competence by expanding upon an initial foundation of theology and ministry experience, to enable those in vocational ministry to enhance current strengths, address areas of weakness, and increase overall effectiveness.

First Year

SYS701  Advanced Practical Theology      3      PTH701  Effective Ministry Leadership       3
SYS702  Advanced Systematic Theology   3      PTH710  Leadership Lifestyle Principles     3
PTH702  Ministry Leadership Coaching     3      PTH711 Spiritual Formation and Renewal   3
                                                         Total   9                                                                   Total   9

Second Year

PTH703  Doctoral Ministry Project            3
                                (Field Work)          
DMT901 Proposal/Outline Dissertation      3             DMT902 Doctoral Dissertation         6
_________________________________________________________________________                                                    Total   6                                                               Total   6