National Bible College and Seminary
CED601Advanced Effective Leadership 
This course of study examines leadership on all levels for practical ministry and academic theological reflection.  This course will work in tandem with other critical issues facing leadership, diversity, and workforce management within the current changing Christian climate. .

CED607Advanced Christian Education 
This study will examine, evaluate, and afford the student with practical methods of classroom instruction and preparation of instructional materials with specific application from biblical examples.  Each student will gain useful knowledge in writing behavioral objectives that include motivational teaching techniques, improved communication skills, classroom discipline, and teaching decorum.

CED608Designing Biblical Instruction
This course will study the teaching-learning process; practice in writing instructional objectives and designing plans for biblical curriculum development; and a study of task descriptions, motivation, and evaluation in teaching and learning.
CED609Evaluating Ministry Effectiveness 
A study of the process of assessment as applied to program evaluation and measurement of achievement in schools, churches, and Christian organization, with emphasis on design of valid instruments and appropriate use of findings to enhance ministry effectiveness.

CED610Family Life Education 
A study of biblical principles and practical techniques for designing and implementing church programs of instruction in marriage, family, relationships, childrearing, and other aspects of family life and church-home cooperation.

MDC606Mood Disorders 
This course is designed to introduce students to the etiology and dynamics of selected disorders.  Mood disorders, specifically those disorders related to anxiety and depression that are used as models for conceptualizing advanced counseling theory and therapy.

MDC607Comparative Therapies 
The course of study will explore four major categories to include Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Cognitive/behavioral, and Family systems.  The student will become familiar with several theories associated with these four categories: Psychoanalysis, Adlerian, Jungian, Person-centered, Existential, Gestalt, Behavioral, Cognitive, Integrative, Structured family systems and Strategic family systems.

MDC608Appraisal/Assessment Techniques 
This course is designed to train the student in theory, principles, and practice of using the major test instruments and non-testing approaches to assessment of client’s condition and needs.

MDC609Marital Enrichment 
This is designed to equip students in the theory and skills necessary to conduct a marital-enrichment program.  The will study a specific model (Christian Prep: The Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program).   This research-based model will be examined within a theological framework, with an emphasis on integration as well as on specific skills and strategies.

MDP601Church Administration
This course will discuss how to select, train, evaluate, support, and mentor those involved in the administration of the church.  It will also discuss leadership development, servant leadership, and effective executive practices within the church.

MDP602Pastor, Church, and Law
This course provides students a clear understanding of the major laws affecting churches and clergy.  This course examines the role of the Law and the Pastor, Law and the Church, and the relation of Church and State.

MDP604Church Finances 
A study of methods, principles, and practical applications inmanaging the finances of the local Church.

MDP605Time Management 
This course of study will Integrate proven time management techniques into our daily processes.  It will help the student to make informed decisions about  what you do and when to apply a structured whole-brain process to shape your current and future commitments.

MDP603Total Quality Management for Churches 
This course will introduce students in the process of TQM, the principles and procedures as it related to the church.

PTH701Effective Ministry Leadership 
This course will study theories, methodologies and concepts vital to leading and transforming parishioners and church leaders.  This course will also address practical applications of leadership that have the greatest impact on leading churches.

PTH702Ministry Leadership Coaching
The course will assist emerging and seasoned leaders who want to strength their coaching skills and ministries. Developing Coaching Excellence is designed to help students implement a comprehensive coaching process in all their coaching relationships; practice and sharpen their foundational, relational and strategic coaching skills; and engage in coaching relationships in their ministry context.

PTH703Doctoral Ministry Project 
This course of study is an independent project with key emphasis on areas of specialization that will require measurable practical exposure and individualized accountability for the same. 

PTH710Leadership Lifestyle Principles 
The course will offer students a unique experience for personal assessment and growth. It is designed to enhance leadership, competence, confidence, core values, spiritual formation and relational development.

PTH711Spiritual Formation and Renewa
This course will examine principle of spiritual formation /renewal for personal growth.  The course will focus on design and implementation of practices and strategies for daily exercise, congregational  renewal and retreat programs.

SYS702Advanced Systematic Theology
A study designed to provide an in-depth review of the Doctrine of the Application of Redemption: Common Grace, Election & Reprobation, The Gospel Call; the Doctrine of the Church: Nature, Marks, & Purposes to include Church Government, Baptism, Communion, the Doctrine of the Future: the return of Christ, the Millennium, the Final Judgment, Eternal Punishment, and New Jerusalem.

SYS701Advanced Practical Theology
This course of study is designed to provide students of the Word with an in-depth foundation in the doctrines of the Christian faith. It is based upon the Scripture as the ultimate source of authority where the doctrines of the Bible are evaluated through the systematic examination and integration of relevant Scriptures with consideration given to doctrinal interpretations throughout Church history. The goal of the course is a greater acquisition of knowledge of the theology that is founded upon the Word of God that prompts the student to a greater individual and collective theological development.

SYS702Advance Systematic Theology
A study designed to provide an in-depth review of the Doctrine of the Application of Redemption: Common Grace, Election & Reprobation, The Gospel Call; the Doctrine of the Church: Nature, Marks, & Purposes to include Church Government, Baptism, Communion, the Doctrine of the Future: the return of Christ, the Millennium, the Final Judgment, Eternal Punishment, and New Jerusalem

THE501Old Testament Theology I 
This course of study is an in depth study is a systematic chapter-by-chapter review of OT with great emphasis placed on the spiritual principles that shall govern the relationship of creation with the Creator.

THE502New Testament Theology 
This is a comprehensive course of study of the New Covenant Books with much reflection on the history of the Old Covenant; while emphasizing the greater works of the fulfillment of the New Covenant.  This course includes a review of doctrine, prophecy, and the practice that shall govern the life of the Church and the Christian.

THE503Advanced Hermeneutics 
This is a comprehensive course study of the art and science of Biblical interpretation with great emphasis placed on correct understanding and application of the text.  This course exposes the student of the Bible with the tools and skills of exegesis and application without minimizing the message and the methods of Christ and His Word.

THE504Advanced Apologetics 
This is a comprehensive course of study on the art and defense of the Christian faith for proper presentation and delivery of the Word of God to a nation in great need.  This study provides students of the Word of God with tools and practical understanding to approach, application, and delivery of the same.

THE509Christian Theology I
A study designed to explore the Theology and Philosophy of God, the method and critical study of the Bible which includes contemporizing the Christian Message, language, and Postmodernity.

THE512Old Testament Theology II 
This is a comprehensive course study of the Old Covenant Books exploring the prophetical writings of the Major and Minor Prophets. The goal is to help students understand and make application of the principles, practices, and the purposes of God’s Divine Plan for humanity as is outlined in the Old Testament.

THE513Christian Theology II
A study designed to explore God’s universal revelation, preservation, inspiration, dependability, inerrancy, authority, and plan to include humanity, sin, the Person & work of Christ.

THE514Christian Theology III
A study designed to explore the Holy Spirit, Salvation, the Church, and Eschatology.

THE 515Biblical Language I (Greek) 
This is the first half of a first-year Greek course.  The beginnings of grammar and reading from New Testament passages will be pursued.  Focus will be on nouns and associated words.  The student will learn a basic vocabulary and a limited number of word forms.

THE 516Biblical Language II (Greek) 
The second half of the first-year Greek course will focus on verbs and the parts of grammar connected with them.  The student will learn additional vocabulary, verbal rules and four main conjugations.  The course will provide a foundation in the biblical language which the student can then build on.

THE521Foundation of Pentecostal Theology
This course will study the foundational doctrines of the Christian church.
Particular emphasis attention is given to the Pentecostal movement as it pertains to divine healing, the baptism with the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts.

THE522Examining World Religions
This course will study various religious and ethical systems including Christian denominations. This will focus on world faiths and religious philosophies.

THE600Systematic Theology I
A study designed to provide an in-depth review of the Doctrine of the Word of God, the Characteristics of Scripture: clarity, necessity, and sufficiency.  It seeks to provide the student of the Word with a greater understanding and execution of principles concerning the existence of God, the character of God, and the providence of God.

THE601Systematic Theology II
A study designed to provide an in-depth review of the Trinity, Angels, Satan, Demons, and Creation.  This course of study seeks to provide greater clarity on the Doctrine of Man and the Doctrine of Christ.