I understand that my preparation for Christian work requires my personal commitment to the Lord Jesus and separation from sin.  I further realize that as a NBC&S student, I represent the Lord Jesus Christ as well as the College and Seminary.  I am aware that the Scriptures prohibit sins (i.e., stealing, sexual immorality, occult practices and cheating) and attitudes (i.e., pride, lust, bitterness, harmful discrimination, jealousy and an unforgiving spirit), which are to be avoided.  In addition, I understand that certain types of activities are questionable and I will avoid those activities as determined by the College and Seminary for testimony's sake.  As a member of the NBC&S family, I pledge myself, therefore, without reservation to these lifestyle commitments:

1.   To recognize the authority of the administration and faculty of NBC&S and the Board of             Trustees of NBC&S over all procedures, policies and guidelines in governing the College       and Seminary;

2.   To demonstrate integrity and good stewardship in all financial obligations and 

3.   To live in a manner consistent with the Word of God and submit to the authority of the                Scriptures in matters of faith and conduct and to the control of the Holy Spirit;  

4.   To demonstrate a spirit, which recognizes the Lordship of Christ and expresses the                  biblical concept of love for God and man;

5.   To dress casually, except when notified; however, no shorts, T-shirts, tank tops, etc., may        be worn.  Each student is expected to practice modesty and good hygiene;  

6.   To actively support the cause of Christ and to endeavor to win others to faith in Him;

7.   To respect the interdenominational character of NBC&S by refraining from 
       propagating potentially divisive doctrines;

8.   During classroom prayer or worship, refrain from the laying of hands or ministering to             other students without their consent and professor’s approval;      

9.   To maintain academic integrity at all times in order to complete assignments, tests and           research.  Plagiarism and other forms of academic cheating will not be tolerated;

10.   To appreciate the facilities of NBC&S and have a custodial concern for maintaining both          its natural and physical facilities;

11.   To abstain from the sale and use of alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs;

12.   To refrain from gambling and social dancing, and attendance at night clubs, bars, and             similar places;

13.   To ascribe to the biblical standards for human sexuality of heterosexual relationships              within the context of marriage, or sexual chastity for those who are single.

14.    Pagers and cell phones must be on vibrate during class sessions.

I understand that the STANDARDS OF CONDUCT are to guide my behavior on and off the campus for the time I am enrolled in NBC&S.  While it is recognized that personal preferences differ and that every member of the College and Seminary community might not agree with every detail of these standards, I must honorably adhere to them.  Such an attitude on my part is a way I can develop Christian discipline, exhibit Christian maturity and demonstrate the love of Christ in concern both for the integrity of the College and Seminary itself, as well as for the personal welfare of other believers.  Further, I understand that failure to cooperate in maintaining the Standards will lead to appropriate disciplinary action and/or possible dismissal.

Student Standards of Conduct

 National Bible College and Seminary