This program is built from the Certificate of Biblical Studies. This 60 credit–hours program is designed to give the student a broad scope encompassing specific New Testament and Old Testament studies. Students receiving this degree are prepared to further study at the Bachelor level at NBC&S, transfer to other institutions or enter into church-related ministries as biblical-oriented laypersons. Students who earn the A.A. degree and transfer to other institutions are advised to obtain advanced approval in writing from the college to which they plan to transfer the credits. 


 National Bible College and Seminary

First Year

OTS101 Old Testament Survey      3       NTS101 New Testament Survey            3
ECM101 Evangelism                      3       TBW101 Theological Biblical Writing I  3
CNS131 Basic Christian Counseling 3       THE230 Hermeneutics                        3
PRE201 Homiletics                        3       OTS102 Old Testament Survey II          3
PTH301 Leadership Principles        3       SYS210 Basic Bible Doctrine                3
                                     Total      15                                                     Total    15

Associates of Biblical Studies
(60 credit hour program)
Second Year

NTS110 Gospels: Life of Christ   3       BBS101 Church Finance                  3
OTS110 Pentateuch                   3       TBW102 Theological & Biblical Writing II    3
CNS131 Pastoral Counseling       3       SYS327 Bible Doctrine II                  3
THE262 Comparative Religions   3       HIS301 American History & Govt.   3
CED212 Philosophy & History of 3       RES396 Practicum Associates         3
            Christian Education
                                   Total      15                                            Total    15