Transfer Students:

National Bible College & Seminary welcomes transfer students desiring to pursue their educational goals in Christian studies and who wish to transfer from another accredited or approved college. Official transcripts must be submitted directly to NBC&S from all institutions of learning attended after high school graduation.  Transcripts must indicate courses entered, courses in progress/courses or completed, grade, and trimester/quarter credit hours earned (as well as the accreditation of the college).

Results of aptitude and other special tests taken and evidence of standing should also be indicated on the transcript. Since NBC&S is a Bible college, credits may also be given for specific classes, seminars, conferences and programs relating to Biblical topics.

A maximum of 30 credits may be transferred at the Associate Degree level, a total of 60 credits at the Bachelor Degree level.  Transfer of credits at the Graduate level is granted at the discretion of the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Audit Students:

Students who wish to enroll on a non-credit basis are classified as audit students.  Courses will appear on the student's transcript, but will not receive credit.  Audit students who enroll in a course and later decide to convert the course for credit shall file an approved academic petition within four weeks of the beginning of the semester and must be passing the course at the time of the request.  Upon approval, the student shall pay the additional tuition and must submit all previous course assignments to their instructor by the sixth week of school  
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Transfer/Audit Information