National Bible College and Seminary provides extensive Christian education for laypersons, ministers, and Christian professionals. NBC&S exists to prepare the student for God-honoring ministry both in the church and society.


National Bible College and Seminary seeks to educate and train men and women in becoming effective leaders in their church, home, and community.  The curriculum is designed with a Christian emphasis and academic requirements that produce students who are knowledgeable, fully equipped, and committed to reaching the worldwide harvest.  NBC&S is committed to accomplishing the mandates of Jesus Christ through Undergraduate and Graduate levels of study.  


National Bible College and Seminary seeks to advance the following objectives, through selected programs of study.  The student will be able to:

  • Understand and demonstrate biblical principles and teach them effectively.

  • Understand and demonstrate the process of biblical interpretation and doctrinal formulation.

  • Apply specific ministry skills and abilities to specialized areas in ministry.

  • Understand and demonstrate spiritual disciplines in their daily life.

  • Understand basic foundations for general education.

  • Give spiritual guidance to a dying world and aid them in growing spiritually,
  emotionally, and physically.

  • Communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the church, home, and community.

  • Develop competency in the use of tools and methodologies common to the pursuit of higher learning.

  • Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of essential biblical principles and biblical teachings through practicum, written assignments, and group projects.

  • Defend the Christian faith allowing the Word of God to be the foundation.

National Bible College and Seminary
Mission & Philosophy